Denta Vita

Denta Vita

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5.00/5.00 Publicat 01-11-2020 08:27

I have been attending the Denta Vita clinic for many years and I am always surprised by the professional level, the quality of work and the attention to detail of the specialists. I do not want to indicate concrete names because all doctors are experts in the field and will be able to perform any task no matter how complex. The equipment, the materials, are of a very high level and always keep up with the trend. The price corresponds to the quality of the services. I recommend this clinic. You won t regret!

5.00/5.00 Publicat 03-10-2020 14:30

Dental services of the highest quality !!!

5.00/5.00 Publicat 19-09-2020 04:28

For many years now, receiving a compliment - what beautiful teeth you have !! I remember with great gratitude Sergey Ilyich Sukhan, my attending physician, who returned the aesthetics of my smile and gave me confidence !!! I contacted Denta Vita on the recommendation of colleagues who spoke well the services provided and the good attitude of the staff. My problem was difficult and they solved it together with the surgeon Caldarar S.P., who did everything accurately, accurately and with extraordinary ease. They dealt with my problem with the highest professionalism and scrupulousness, without compromise on any , achieving the perfect result, for which I am immensely grateful !!! I also note that the cleanliness - sterility in the clinic is at the highest level, which is also important! And I will tell future patients of the clinic - do not be afraid, there are the best doctors !!! And you will speak with pride, a beautiful smile about the clinic and the Denta Vita team !!!With respect and gratitude,Svetlana Moldovan.

5.00/5.00 Publicat 06-11-2016 08:41

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Denta Vita

Clinica stomatologică "Denta Vita" s-a deschis în Chişinău în anul 1999. Astăzi este una din puţinele clinici stomatologice private din Moldova care oferă spectrul larg de servicii stomatologice de calitate înaltă. "Denta Vita" este o instituţie medicală profesională care oferă pacienţilor săi:

  • Examinare prealabilă
  • Profilaxie a dinţilor
  • Tratament...
  • Protezare
  • Implantare
  • Servicii ortodontice



Chisinau, str. A.Şciusev 62A




022 220-770