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Ramona Simion
5.00/5.00 Pizzerii / Paste

Ramona Simion a scris o recenzie despre Gambino's Pizza


Cea mai bună pizza

Stefania Binca
5.00/5.00 Clinici Veterinare

Stefania Binca a scris o recenzie despre AsisMedVet

"cei mai buni"

disponibilitate,amabilitate,prietenie,veselie ,IUBIRE

Viorica Pocriciuc
5.00/5.00 Stomatologi

Viorica Pocriciuc a scris o recenzie despre Super-Dent

Este o clinica pe nota 10. Calitatea serviciilor si atitudinea fata de pacienti impecabila...!!! Recomand fara pic de dubii....

Наталья Пасечник
5.00/5.00 Clinici Veterinare

Наталья Пасечник a scris o recenzie despre Clinica Veterinară Vet - Life

Очень хорошие знающие врачи. Тактичные, порядочные, настоящие профессионалы. Носим к ним нашу кошечку Эмму с трёх недель (как она у нас появилась). Они грамотно распределили все прививки и таблетки. Вылечили кожное заболевание и интоксикацию. Помогли подобрать подходящий корм. Теперь мы их постоянные клиенты.

Сергей Бондарь
5.00/5.00 Piscine

Сергей Бондарь a scris o recenzie despre Orheiland

The best in Moldova!

Анастасия Чолак
5.00/5.00 Stomatologi

Анастасия Чолак a scris o recenzie despre Cudalb Dent

Our family turned to Cudalb Dent on the recommendation of friends, and we did not regret it a bit. Reasonable prices, excellent service, friendly staff, quality work

emilia verdes
5.00/5.00 Școli de Dans

emilia verdes a scris o recenzie despre SIS n BRO

He's been a suppeeer, I've been dancing there for 2 years and the price is great and they have discounts

Marina Cara
5.00/5.00 Stomatologi

Marina Cara a scris o recenzie despre NobilDent

I liked the clinic, I went to the doctors who know their business and do not bite prices. I'm glad I found it! Thanks to Dr. Vladislav for his professionalism and experience! Thanks to Dr. Lyubov for her sensitive attitude, attention, calmness, a very comfortable and protected feeling in her hands, so I brought my daughter to her, knowing how sensitive my daughter was. Also, the daughter was with the orthodontist .. she did not want to sit in the chair, but the orthodontist spoke to her so skillfully that literally a minute later the daughter was already showing her teeth! I sincerely thank the doctors for their professionalism and kind attitude!

Артур Мельник
5.00/5.00 Săli de forță

Артур Мельник a scris o recenzie despre Școala NBC

There are all the necessary exercise equipment, there are enough benches, everything seems to be adjustable in height, prices do not bite, if there is no exercise equipment there is an alternative. Nice staff, there is a shower.

Eugen Doni
5.00/5.00 Cafenele

Eugen Doni a scris o recenzie despre Motif


Den Pry
5.00/5.00 Agenții Imobiliare

Den Pry a scris o recenzie despre Acces Imobil

Агентство находится в удобном месте и легко обнаружается. Порадовал профессиональный подход, приятная обстановка и высокие требования компетентности к сотрудникам. Особенно хочу отметить агента по имени Дорин Бужор. Всегда опрятный, вежливый и пунктуальный, он вёл нашу сделку с первого и до последнего момента, оказывал полное содействие и показал высокий уровень как собственного профессионализма, так и компании в целом. Рекомендую!

YI Technology Moldova
5.00/5.00 Stomatologi

YI Technology Moldova a scris o recenzie despre NobilDent

I recommend every person to come here who needs medical treatment.

Иван Поляков
5.00/5.00 Agenții Imobiliare

Иван Поляков a scris o recenzie despre Acces Imobil

I am glad that in Chisinau the services of real estate agencies are reaching a high professional level. I was looking for an apartment in Buiucani, as usual, 999 to help us. I liked the apartment, but, as you know, what is written is not always true. I called, answered a girl named Lyudmila Rufala, as it turned out to be an agent of Acces Imobil. I liked it right away - no

v c
5.00/5.00 Saloane de tatuaj

v c a scris o recenzie despre Mad - Art Tattoo

As you enter the door you are greeted by a very friendly staff. The atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxing and the services are just as good. The members of the mad art team do an amazing job, I recommend with confidence!

Ian Flemming
5.00/5.00 Săli de Fitness

Ian Flemming a scris o recenzie despre Alexia