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5.00/5.00 Publicat 03-09-2020 16:45

Great clinic. Enjoyed the visit. A friendly attitude and professionalism, despite the flow of patients, is worth a lot. Thanks to all the staff. I will boldly recommend it to my friends and acquaintances.

5.00/5.00 Publicat 16-06-2020 18:50

Everything is just SUPER, I Maliy Andrey Vasilievich was in this Clinic and went through a Successful Operation.I have not seen for 8 years with my left eye, I lost my sight in Italy in the month of December.So time has spilled, as much as 8 years.Having been released from places of imprisonment in 2016, I visited this Microsurgery.And now Everything is Excellent.I see with my left eye.Many thanks to the Doctors.Including to all medical staff. Thank you very much.A little time has passed after operations.And again I illegally got to Italy in the very city of Padova where I lost my left eye sight.Fate found himself here in Italy in prison, complained that I needed glasses against the sun, with the green color of plastic glasses.What do you think Dear, I was taken to the optometrist under escort to freedom.The doctor examined me and prescribed in the medical record that I did not need glasses.I exploded and uttered a lot of unpleasant words to this doctor, of course, everything was spoken in Italian.In the prison where I was detained is Via Due Palazzo 25 / A index 35136 Casa Circondariali.Here you have Europe.With Great Respect to you,Maliy Andrey Vasilievich.Thanks a lot, everyone.

5.00/5.00 Publicat 28-12-2019 15:37

I had myopia and astigmatism, something that was common to me, it cost me 24k lei, but in average people said they paid 20-22k lei (for both eyes), the operation lasts 15-20 min, little discomfort but it is normal after a few hours. unpleasant pains, stay in the palace and once in the hour you approach the drop in the eyes, after each drip the pain decreases, in the evening at 18.00 you leave home, the 2nd day you approach for an hour at the control and explain the way of life in which you must to spend the next month)) after the operation over about 2 hours already had all the practice, at the latest you will have it the next morning. I recommend without a doubt, the only thousand Jews that I didn't do it early, to enjoy life and the colors in full


Texnologiile noi implimentate în clinica noastră, petrmit tratare potologiilor care încipiend nu puteau fi tratate. Grație performanței înalte a aparatajului a devenit posibil nu doar de a prognaza, ci și a garanta un rezultat excelent în tratament.

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