Acces Imobil

Acces Imobil

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5.00/5.00 Publicat 20-02-2021 12:56

"Deservire Superbă"

Am fost impresionată de deservirea Companiei Acces Imobil datorită în special a unui lucrător - Țîcu Victor. O deservire și suport extraordinare în momentul când faci o decizie importantă pentru viitor. Domnul Țîcu Victor a dat dovadă de punctualitate și răbdare pentru a ne susține și ajuta în toate întrebările legate de procurarea imobilului. O persoană plăcută și profesională care a fost cu noi de la bun început și pînă la finele încheierii contractului de vânzare-cumparare. Am primit ajutorul și susținerea necesară care dau dovadă de competență lucrătorului și companiei. Recomand pentru fiecare agentul imobiliar - Țîcu Victor - Compania Acces Imobil. Veți fi plăcut surprinși de decizia luată și suportul acordat!

5.00/5.00 Publicat 16-11-2020 07:43

Агентство находится в удобном месте и легко обнаружается. Порадовал профессиональный подход, приятная обстановка и высокие требования компетентности к сотрудникам. Особенно хочу отметить агента по имени Дорин Бужор. Всегда опрятный, вежливый и пунктуальный, он вёл нашу сделку с первого и до последнего момента, оказывал полное содействие и показал высокий уровень как собственного профессионализма, так и компании в целом. Рекомендую!

5.00/5.00 Publicat 13-11-2020 11:55

I am glad that in Chisinau the services of real estate agencies are reaching a high professional level. I was looking for an apartment in Buiucani, as usual, 999 to help us. I liked the apartment, but, as you know, what is written is not always true. I called, answered a girl named Lyudmila Rufala, as it turned out to be an agent of Acces Imobil. I liked it right away - no

5.00/5.00 Publicat 19-10-2020 00:06

I hasten to inform and share about the work of the realtor TSUGUTZKI LILIANS from the ACCES IMOBIL real estate agency, to which I contacted. I was motivated to write a review because I was satisfied with the work of the agency and give them a solid A for its implementation. Before contacting this agency, I could not rent an apartment for almost two months, then people didn’t like something, then there were no shows at all, and the price had already been reduced, but there was no point. A friend advised me to contact another agency and did so. The realtor, TSUGUTZKI LILIANA, advised to take new photos, a more detailed description, and leave the price the same for now. Needless to say, the photographs taken by the previous realtor, although they were taken not on a mobile, but on a camera, but it was difficult to understand the advantages of the apartment, its real area, how much free space it has, the beauty of upholstered furniture, the convenience of a large pantry, the ergonomics of the kitchen , streamlined furniture and other important details for customers and their comfortable living. Liliana took excellent photographs, I understood what it means when a person who knows and loves his job gets down to business. Less than two days have passed since we rented out the apartment to the family. It turned out to be a matter of approach - a competent and professional approach to business. We rented an apartment for the same price that we stayed at with the first realtor, but thanks to such seemingly trifles as photos, description, because the client still sees everything on the spot when he comes to view, Liliana was able to draw the attention of clients to apartment even at the stage of viewing it via the Internet, sitting in your office or at home. Therefore, I thank the real estate agency for the fact that you have a specialist who knows how to present a product in order to be bought, and without deceiving anyone, but simply emphasizing the advantages and highlighting the advantages. MANY THANKS TO YOU, LILIANA TSUGUTZKI AND ACCES IMOBIL Real Estate Agency !!!

5.00/5.00 Publicat 27-09-2019 20:20

5.00/5.00 Publicat 27-09-2019 17:58


Acces Imobil

Ne dorim ca fiecare client să își procure locuința visurilor, din acest motiv adunăm în baza noastră de date cele mai avantajoase oferte imobiliare la prețuri accesibile. Ne dorim să fim recunoscuți ca un partener de încredere care livrează servicii imobiliare profesioniste, salvând timp, bani și nervi clienților noștri.

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