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5.00/5.00 Опубликован 10-06-2020 15:15

Nothing bad to say. Nice proffessional people. Modern technologies. Hygiëne standards high. Prices competative and transparant on their website. All good to go.

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 03-04-2019 17:40

The great clinic with kind staff. Everything is well organized, I almost have never waited. I'm probably one of the worst dental patients - all the treatment is always painful - but here you are treated very professionally and painlessly. I had a truly great experience with an orthodontist Mariana Lozovan. I'm very satisfied, highly recommend VivoDent!

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 11-01-2019 21:31

Amazing dental care in this place. I enjoyed the experience not just for the actual result (getting well done 2 implants) as for attitude and whole atmosphere as well. Going to the dentist I feel for everyone is detestable, but at Vivodent you can rely on experienced professionals who know their job indeed. I strongly recommend for everyone in need for trust in good health care.

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 04-08-2017 21:22


5.00/5.00 Опубликован 10-08-2016 18:23

The best clinic.


VIVODENT - это стоматологический центр, который предоставляет вам новейшие технологии и материалы для заботы о вашем здоровье в спокойной, комфортной обстановке.

VIVODENT имеет команду профессионалов, которые постоянно стремятся быть в курсе последних исследований и современных методов лечения зубов, участвуя в международных специализированных курсах и конгрессах.

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