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The best experience in a medical environment ever. Not only the facility is clean and tidy, the doctors are cool too. I was explained about how things work arround difficult situations which in my case we've had with my 11 yrs old sister. Credits to Dr Tatiana Guzun. Great facility and allround services.

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My experience in Dental Park was amazing it's something out of the page soon as you get into the duel you going a different world besides the professional and the quality is amazing is no comparison to none of the dentist I've ever been also myself I'm a doctor and where can it in United Kingdom and being told by friends from Switzerland Amsterdam about dental Park which I will never regret cuz I came and see dentist old sorry the work I've been putting into my teeth quality is massively and amazing I have no words to say about a team mister Dr Ilies who has been looking after me in the Journey of two weeks treatment it was amazing professional good quality of care no pain whatsoever in the treatment I want to thank everyone for the hard work they've done to my teeth and I'll recommend this dentist practice every single one who wants a good dentist and a good quality more than welcome is safe and good very very good

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Very friendly and professional staff. The doctors were amazing. Answered all my questions and went above and beyond to fix all my problems in a very short amount of time. Definitely worth the money. Excellent quality and atmosphere. They made sure my visits are as comfortable as possible. Will definitely come back in the future. Keep up the good work!


Стоматологическая клиника «DentPark» располагает 7 кабинетами с высокопроизводительным оборудованием последнего поколения, хирургическим кабинетом, стерилизационным кабинетом, кабинетом панорамной рентгенографии и цифровой радиовизиографии, и зуботехнической лабораторией.

Главная цель команды врачей «DentPark» – обеспечить идеальное состояние зубов и продвижение принципов профилактики заболевания зубов, гигиены и здоровья полости рта.

Команда клиники представлена квалифицированным персоналом, непрерывно повышающим свой профессиональный уровень и находящимся в курсе всех технологических новинок. Специалисты клиники полагаются исключительно на свой профессионализм, компетентность, опыт и нетривиальное сотрудничество с пациентами, помогая им почувствовать себя в безопасности.

Мы строго соблюдаем время записи на приём, и в то же время, в случае возникновения непредвиденных ситуаций, стараемся оптимально адаптировать график для Вашего удобства.

Научитесь заботиться о Вашем здоровье вместе с «DentPark»!

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