Образовательный центр Quo Vadis

Образовательный центр Quo Vadis

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5.00/5.00 Опубликован 05-03-2021 16:53


Vreau sa mulțumesc centrului Quo Vadis pentru posibilitatea de a susține IELTS pe teritoriul Republicii Moldova . In special un mare mulțumesc primirii călduroase și prietenoase a personalului și examinatorilor pe durata examenului. Recomand tuturor acest centru .

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 10-09-2020 22:47

Hi, I would like to share my latest experience with quo vadis english centre.For the start,the staff is very friendly and helpful,always smiling and receptive.Teachers are proffesionals and amazing,being able to create a very positive and friendly atmosphere.Thank you quo vadis for the amazing courses and new opportunities!

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 27-05-2020 14:32

Thanks to Quo Vadis and to the Embassy of the United States of America for providing courses of English for Journalists. The atmosphere during the classes was nice and enjoyable. The teacher used qualified methods, speaking always English, through this has motivated us to speak, to think and to dream in English :-)The books we received at the course are very well structured, contain interesting thematics and finally, helped me to learn and to understand the English Grammar, in particular, verb tenses.I encourage all the people who want to learn English to come to Quo Vadis Center, they are really professionals, offering an unforgettable experience, apart from foreign language knowledges!

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 26-03-2020 16:34

It's the best school ever. Lessons are very interesting and teachers are very friendly. I recommend it to everyone.

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 26-03-2020 14:30

Best school ever,recommend for all❤️

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 25-08-2019 21:28

My TOEFL classes with QUO VADIS were perfect to prepare for the actual TOEFL test. I have chosen Quo Vadis because of their 15 years experience in preparing for the TOEFL. Also when I have registered I loved the fact that they are having classes in the morning, during the day time and also in the evening. They analyzed my strengths and weaknesses and the TOEFL classes improved my writing, speaking, reading and listening abilities a lot and raised my confidence to succeed in the TOEFL test. Thank you!!

Образовательный центр Quo Vadis

Образовательный центр QUO VADIS организует занятия для детей и взрослых по английскому, французскому, немецкому, испанскому, итальянскому, португальскому, турецкому, румынскому и русскому языкам.

Str. A. Șciusev 82/Bd. Decebal 76

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+373 222 231/ 22 214 220/ 22 999 988/ 69 282 453