Avocado Travel Club

Avocado Travel Club

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5.00/5.00 Опубликован 29-10-2019 18:54

A dream rest thank you very much ... especially Anastasia is good.

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 05-10-2019 13:35

Good company

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 15-07-2019 10:37

Everything was at a high level! We stayed very happy with the whole family. High service, family behavior, we had a great rest! I wish them success so they can enjoy as many families as possible!

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 26-06-2019 16:02

Good day! We want to express our gratitude to the travel agency Avocado travel club., And especially to the consultant Elena, for her professionalism. Thank you so much for the selected tour. Everything was well organized and we enjoyed our trip very much. Good luck and more clients !!! And we will recommend you and will definitely return.

5.00/5.00 Опубликован 27-03-2019 22:19

Good prices in Bulgaria!

Avocado Travel Club

Avocado Travel Club - туристическая компания-клуб.
Миссия нашей компании - обеспечить качественный отдых каждому туристу, оправдать его ожидания, для этого мы строим нашу кадровую политику на постоянном повышении профессионального уровня менеджеров. 

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